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Your Student Newsletter - Vacation edition
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We hope you're having a good week! Grab a drink and catch up on a few things going on at Wawick and coming up in the run up to the new academic year...

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Assessment, learning, teaching and research

Moodle upgrade and new look

From early September, our online learning platform Moodle is being updated, following consultation with students and staff. There will be a fresh appearance, improved functionality, and better accessibility features. It’s part one of a phased approach to improving Moodle, as we plan to further develop the functionality and appearance over the coming year. In September, we’ll also be adding a new accessibility plugin called ‘Blackboard Ally’ that will provide you with options to download documents in alternative formats. Find out more and see a preview.

Warwick Online Learning Fundamentals (WOLF) course

Fancy a learning refresh ahead of the new academic year? Take our self-study programme introducing the concepts and practicalities of the digital tools we use to enhance face-to-face learning at Warwick. Get the best out of the wide range of digital resources and tools to support you in the run up to October.
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Campus and Community

Be inspired by our community!

Congratulations to our outstanding students who were recognised at this year's graduation ceremonies! Get inspired by those who won an award for their charitable, academic and entrepreneurial work...

Changes to the way we log-in online

We're replacing our Web Sign-On with Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - which will improve online security and user-experience. Over the next couple of months, you'll be prompted to log in to the University system using a new or different authentication method. Find out more about what this means for you, options for authentication and the benefits of the new system.

Warwick Arts Centre – season launch

Warwick Arts Centre is the largest muti-artform arts centre outside of London, and it’s on your doorstep! In the new academic year there'll be more regular, free opportunities to get involved and get creative across visual arts, crafts, music and poetry - through opportunities run by local artists. We also have three new cinema screens and a shiny new student film club so that you can make the most of our screenings of everything from international, arthouse to blockbuster films. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our launch party, the Warwick Arts Weekender 6-9 October for unforgettable, unique experiences for everyone. Check out details on our new season, student tickets and more...
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Summer wellbeing at Warwick

Wellbeing and Student Support remain open as usual throughout summer. Brief consultations are available every Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and can be accessed via the Wellbeing Portal or by dropping in during these hours on the ground floor of Senate House. Online support and advice are available to all Warwick students 24/7 from Togetherall. Take time to complete our Understanding Wellbeing moodle over the summer and discover and better understand the crucial concept of wellbeing.

Best wishes,

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