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We're happy to bring you the first takeover from the Library of this academic year! Ahead of the Library takeover, you'll see information about the careers fair that took place this week.

STEM Careers Fair

This week we held a careers event which was unfortunately cut short after being disrupted by a small group of protesters. Due to safety concerns, we were forced to end the careers fair earlier than planned.

We know how disappointed many of you were at being denied the opportunity to attend the event, which was one of the first face-to-face careers fair since the pandemic.

Whilst we respect the right to protest peacefully, it can be in no-one’s interest to disrupt an event that we know you value and look forward to attending.

We would like to apologise to you, our staff and exhibitors for the inconvenience you all experienced. We know employability is one of the top priorities for students at Warwick, as it is for the wider university.

Careers fairs provide a valuable opportunity to learn about a broad range of employers, placements, and graduate jobs, which help you make informed decisions about potential careers. We will continue to provide these events to help your future employment prospects.

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"Welcome to another year of academia, excitement, and friendship at the University of Warwick. I started this year with the realisation that as a final year student, I must treasure every moment for we are only undergraduates once.

In this Library newsletter, we talk about the new Library search and LibGuides platform, which makes research and access to academic resources so much easier. Additionally, we invite applications to join the newsletter team this year as a content writer or editor. We also offer new students some top tips on how to navigate your Library, and highlight some interesting statistics going into the new academic year.

Enjoy the start to your year and remember to tell us what you want to see in the Library newsletter."

Harry Sun, student editor

Advice to New Students by Daira Povez Gamboa

Starting university can sound exciting, scary, stressful, fun… yes, everything at the same time! We have been waiting for a while to gain the independence and experience university gives you, but when we finally get it, we sometimes don’t know what to do with it. In this article, Daira is highlighting some specific advice to help new students navigate the first few weeks at university.


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Library Newsletter Recruitment by Matt Munnelly

The Library newsletter is made collaboratively between students and staff - being a writer means sharing and working out ideas with both. Unlike other opportunities where you work exclusively with students, or get taught by staff, this is an opportunity to engage creatively with staff as well as students. Learn more about how you can be part of this exciting initiative and join an exciting team of passionate students just like you!


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LibGuides by Oliva Collins

LibGuides - the new webpages with subject specific support, guidance and resources for all your researching needs! In this article, Oliva introduces you to this new platform for accessing subject guides and conducting research. With a simplified interface and a more accessible page structure, it has never been easier to get clued-up on subject specific research.


Library Facts and Stats by Matt Munnelly

Could you guess what the most expensive textbook was and how much it cost the Library? What about the most popular one? Find out by reading this article, which also highlights the longest subject reading list (which comes to around 844 items), and the most requested title in the Library. You know the saying: the more you know, the more you know.

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New Library Search by Oliva Collins

Over the summer, after many meetings and lots of effort, Warwick has changed its Library search and website provider, meaning that some cool new features have been added to your digital Library. However, like any change, this may take some getting used to. Click here for some top tips for the less obvious quirks about the new system.

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Library team: Andy Calvert, Samantha Platts, Jade Millar.
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