Your Student Newsletter - Week 5
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Hello Undergraduate

We hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead! We have a variety of opportunities for you, including the Warwick Awards for Public and Community Engagement, the Global Think Tank, and the Warwick Award Fair. Join Global Connections for afternoon tea and musical bingo, and in celebration of LGBTQUIA+ History Month, come along to Glow. Please read on for information about the 2023 Elections and Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week.

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The Warwick Award Fair

Come along to the Warwick Award Fair on Wednesday 15 February, 1pm-4pm, in the Chancellor’s Suite in Rootes Building, to discover a range of skills development opportunities that you can take part in this term. It's your chance to talk to people running activities to learn more about what skills they will help you develop, and what future opportunities might be on offer. More than 20 providers will be attending the Fair, including Unitemps, our Careers team, Warwick Institute of Engagement, WIISP Alliance, and more. You don't need to sign up, just drop in!

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Support and Safety

Wellbeing: Managing Uncertainty

Looking ahead can bring about feelings of worry about what is coming next. Our next Steps to Wellbeing session focuses on Managing Uncertainty and will be running this week on 9 February, registrations close on 8 February at midnight.

Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week

The Report and Support Team are running a series of workshops to mark national Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week. We are focusing on one theme a day throughout the week, to raise awareness around these topics, generate discussion among our community, and break down the silence and stigma that often surrounds sexual abuse and sexual violence, with the ultimate aim for survivors to feel empowered to disclose their experiences and access support. Find out more here.

Safety: Cycling at night

When cycling at night, it is important to put your safety first by avoiding dark clothing, attaching fluorescent strips to your bike or clothing, and having your light on. See more about general safety here.

Best wishes,

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