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We're happy to bring you the first takeover from the Library of this term! Ahead of the Library takeover, you'll see a message about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria including how to access support if you've been affected in any way, and information about the Social Science Grand Challenge.

Message about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

As a University, our thoughts are currently with everyone affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We have reached out directly to students and our wider community who may be impacted but want to remind you that if you’re affected in any way by these events, please reach out for support.

People have asked about how they can respond to this; various charitable organisations are coordinating humanitarian efforts that you can contribute to if you are able to, such as The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

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Learning, teaching, research, and assessments

Social Sciences Grand Challenge (SSGC)

Through the SSGC, we plan to transform and elevate Social Sciences at Warwick into a more distinctive and better-known international driving force for social scientific enquiry with a reputation for an outstanding student experience and real-world impact. Read about our vision and plans
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"Hello everyone! We are very happy to bring you another edition of the Library newsletter, by students and for students!

Term 2 is a curious time. Set in the middle of the academic year but at the start of the calendar year, there’s a lot going on! For many, it’s the nitty-gritty of the degree. In this issue, we have tried to bring you a mix of Library updates, such as an interview with the new Librarian Anna O’Neill, and useful information to support your work, such as last-minute essay writing tips. With pieces on accessibility, as well as what really happens on each of the Library floors, I do believe there is something for everyone here. I hope you enjoy this issue and it helps you get more out of your Library."

Oliver Toms, Student Editor

All things Library and Strategy with Librarian Anna O’Neill by Anastasia Cagnoni

When most of us think of librarians, we think of people who help us find books, or give book recommendations. What you might not know, is that librarians have many more tasks. Managing around 140 people through numerous teams, setting the library strategy and allocating budget spending, Anna O’Neill’s role as the Librarian – the head of the library - is synonymous with being CEO. Read more here.



Different Library Spaces by Daira Povez Gamboa

Perhaps the Library is your favorite study space on campus, but how well do you actually know this place? Do you know which floors are for quiet or collaborative study? Have you ever been in the “Breathing Space” or the “Co-Creation Space”? Read on to learn about what parts of the Library you haven’t heard of, and how to get the most out of them. Read here.


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Last Minute Essay Writing Tips by Arin Ososanya

Let’s face it, most of us have been there, you promised yourself you would start your next assignment two weeks earlier, but somehow you blinked and the deadline which was only three weeks away is suddenly two days away. You have to write 3000 words in three days, but you don’t even have a single word down on your document. You don’t even know where to start. If that sounds like you, you have come to the right place! Here are some of my top tried and tested tips for writing a good essay in a short time frame. The goal here is working as smart as possible in a short time frame. Read here.


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Accessible studying; tips and tools to help you tackle that reading list by Rebekah Elliot

As the middle of the academic year approaches, many of us are probably thinking now would be a good time to catch up on all the readings we told ourselves we’d actually do this year.  However, if you’re finding yourself not knowing where to start, rest assured that the Library has some great resources to help in getting to grips with this type of work load. In this article, you’ll find some great ways to tackle your readings, especially if you struggle with the lack of accessibility surrounding e-reading and note-taking! Read here.

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Study Happy: Keeping your studying productive by adding breaks by Anastasia Cagnoni

All-nighters pulled the day before a deadline, endless books taken out with the promise of completing the core reading, chatting with friends to convince yourself you are spending a lot of productive time at the Library. Yet there is another role the library plays that not all know about: the Study Happy initiative. While the majority of the Library is focused on the ‘Study’ part, this initiative is concerned with your wellbeing, helping you with the ‘Happy’ and boosting your productivity. This is already evident in their mascot: a happy-looking penguin called ‘Kirby’. Read here.

 Study Happy penguin

Library Facts and Stats by Matt Munnelly

What’s the busiest time to come to the Library? How might you find out which study spaces are busy and which are quiet? Look no further! Read here.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you have found some of the facts and tips in this issue useful and can access one of the many services the Library offers for the first time or get more out of what you already use. With the second half of term, and for many of us deadlines, fast approaching, I wish you all the best of luck and we will be back with another issue in Week 9!
Best wishes,
Student Editor: Oliver Toms
Student Writers: Rebekah Elliot, Anastasia Cagnoni, Arin Ososanya, Daira Pavez Gamboa, Matt Munnley

Library Team: Andrew Calvert, Lucie Thomas, Samantha Platts
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